Level 35 is such an annoying level argh

Click here for the fast guide for lvl 35.

Stats for level 35

Level 35 is a difficult level, so it is a good idea to be well prepared. You should really consider to purchase Charms of Precision, it is a great tool to help you play like a pro!

I have spent a lot of in-game coins on Magic Potions and very many lives before I finally managed to make a 3 Star score at Level 35.

level-35-strategy-picIn the very beginning you want to burst the lowest row of bubbles. And maybe some Spiders. Actually we don’t want to burst those Spider Bubbles, but sometimes we just have to. Then you want top make room for your final angle shots. You can do that by bursting away bubbles in a V shape. Do the V-strategy for victory! :) The rest is up to you and your aiming skills.


3 Star video with +7 bubbles, +3 holes in the ceiling and RB Bubble: Th eMagic Potion Rainbow Bubble can be used after you get 130 Stars in the game.

P.S The next one to burst in  the strategy picture is at your RIGHT hand. If you don’t recall why, see level 14.

43 thoughts on “Level 35 is such an annoying level argh

  1. I am not sure what the whole point of this game is? I am hopelessly stuck on 35 have been for 3 weeks! How do I get through it? I did fine until I hit this level

    • Level 35 is one of the hardest levels. Here is some additional tips that I found: The ceiling with the stars is directly above the black bubble holding the black column. When you clear mostly all the bubbles, it drops slightly and you’ll see the ceiling.

  2. about to give up this game….been on level 35 for over a week….keep winning but ‘not enough stars’……

  3. I do not know how to get past this level either. I have cleared all of the bubbles several times but it always says that I need atleast 1 star or my score is not high enough. I bought precision charm and the ceiling peek charm, but I can’t get any further.

    • I think that it might be a good idea to go back on some earlier levels and have some casual bubbling before re-entering the level. Lvl 35 is one of the first that ppl get stuck on, but we all survive it and pass it adventualy.

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  5. I am hopelessly stuck on level 35. Have been since last Tuesday!ha
    What I would like to know us how my friend who is bottom of leader board on score for this level only got 44745 and I’ve been getting well over this (50-60000) and am nowhere near a star for it?! That’s not fair!!!!

  6. No my friend has passed and got a star coz its saved her score! I just got 75something and still no damn star!!!!

  7. please help me!!my sister and friends keep sending me the third help for breaking the spell i am at 185 level and its not coming.i have the other two but something is not working.what should i do?

  8. Have had a wonderful time playing this game, my first. But Level 35 is no fun because there is no chance involved. Have been trying for two weeks, many different strategies, and the game always outdoes me. Thot all I needed was to give you some money so I bought the deal of the day. No improvement. Scores are as bad as ever. I don’t need this aggravation. I’m gone.

  9. I have gained 1star on level 35 with a score over 83000 and in 6th place on leader board but game will not let me play level 36. It just puts me back on level 35. Can anyone explain why ?

      • Thank you for your reply.I am new to the iPad & the game bubble witch.I don’t have any friends to ask & have always played this on my own completing every level up to 35 so how can I carry on to level 36. I suppose you could call me BILLY NO MATES ha ha. Surely there must be another answer

        • Okey, since I haven’t tried this myself, I am just guessing here. Someone was talking about using like 50 000 in game Coins to move on. You are also able to pay real money to move on, that needs an Internet connection. If you see the black ghosts, tap on them in the game to get a bit more information. I am indeed curious on how this will end.

        • Thank you but are you saying I may have to use real money to carry on to level 36 if so then it’s a con but I will try the black ghosts. I have clicked on these b/f & the Facebook registration comes up. Can you tell me why ? Thanks again

        • I completed level 35 with 1 star but will not let me proceed to 36 why. I have no friends to ask.

  10. What do you do if none of your friends play this game? Where do I find friends to help? Also, I’m having a super hatd time unlocking the 3rd magic potion, any advice?

  11. I am stopped at level 35. I have 2 stars and could move on to level 36, but that seems to require either a Facebook account ( which I don’t have and don’t want) or money out of my pocket (which I won’t pay because there are too many free games out there). So unless someone (or the creators) can tell me a way into level 36 without Facebook or money involved, this is the end of Bubble Witch Saga for me. Too bad…..

    • When you play with Facebook, there is a certain amount of days (unknown/secret) before you get help for free removing the ghosts. I must honestly say that I have no idea if there is the same feature on mobile devices.

  12. I have completed again from the start after reloading bubble witch from level one &completed every level up to &including level 35 but still it won’t let me onto level 36. The game states that one star must be achieved on each level to get you to the next level. So why won’t it let me progress, if you can’t give me a suitable answer then I will have to abandon regretfully this game & look for something more honest. Fed up with trying.

  13. I have achieved 2 stars a number of times and 3 stars twice at level 35 but cannot move on. I WILL NOT pay and don’t want anything to do with facebook. Nowhere have I seen anything explaining upfront that these 2 options are the only way to progress past level 35. It is a complete con calling this a free game.
    If I replay earlier levels to build up ingame coins, will I be able to proceed then and if so what is the amount of coinage required?

    • I have my game primary at Facebook, so I wouldn’t know what the coin amount is. To unbreak Eternal Isles 31 it was 30 000 coins for me anfd I have also seen the amount 50 000 being mentioned.

  14. What a con this is saying ‘free game’. Have absolutely no interest in joining facebook in order to continue to level 36!!

  15. I don’t understand why the creators of the game have not changed the requirements of moving on to level 36. The game is advertised as being free, so people that love playing the game should not be asked to pay to get to the next level or connect to Facebook, it should a choice not requirement. I will not do either one so I’m gonna have to stop playing, totally disappointed!!!!!

  16. Been playing Level 35 for about 3 months impossible got to just under the magical 80000 sometimes the bubbles just come out with the same colour at least 6 or so in a row when there is no pop to match! Annoying….never give up!

  17. I passed level 35 with 1 star but it won’t let me move on …. If I click the ghosts nothing happens what’s going on there is no option to ask friends or pay coins or real money

  18. Why am I getting infected bubbles on level 35? If they aren’t infected bubbles what would they be? They are green with flashing gold dots.

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