Level 37 with Doom Skulls in harmony


With the very nice symmetric pattern of single Doom Skull Bubbles all over stage 37, it is hard to find any “best way” to play the game. But after playing level 37 several times, I actually found a way to increase my scores! :D I focused on only one side of the level and freed the wall from Bubbles as high as I possible could reach. After that I used angle shots to systematically remove Bubbles from the that side into the middle and continued my way doing the same with the ceiling.

With that pattern in mind and the few random shots that have to be made to the other side, you will manage to get at least two stars from level 37! It is very hard to shoot accurate angles without the Charm of Precision, so one might want to settle for a more modest game at first. One star is after all enough to get pass level 37, there is always plenty of time to come back later for that good tasting three stars!

The easiest way to pass the level is however to clear put row after row lowering the screen little by little, this however will NEVER get you any high score and you might even end up dropping the ceiling without getting enough score for one star.

3 Stars, Level 37, go ahead, just peek a little! ;-)

Jorge have uploaded this Video Guide for us to watch, if we want to. :)

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16 thoughts on “Level 37 with Doom Skulls in harmony

  1. Help! I am on level 37. I reach enough points to give me the first star but it always tells me I have not enough points. Any ideas?

    • You could try right the opposite of what worked for me. skillgaming uploaded this video to youtube and he/she is go for the middle first and seem to manage the level great!

      If you haven’t yet found out how to get green spiders, that is a good thing to learn at this stage of the game. No matter how you decide to go, you probably need those 7 extra bubbles in the starting Cauldron. I hope you’ll get to level 38 very fast! :)

  2. Yep, the post about level 37 might be good for two Stars, but the video in the previous comment is good for 3 Stars! :)
    Go for clearing the middle first!

  3. this level 37 is not easy…..40 bubbles plus 7 is still not enough…i got 10 blue bubbles in a row and it was all in the inside of the rest of the bubbles….i have tried 20 times….and i have to wait every half hour for a new heart….i know i am pissing and whinning but darn it only level 37

    • When the bubbles from the Cauldron clumps up like that, you should really buy a lottery ticket. It is mathematically almost not possible to get 10 of the same colour in a row. I suggest you join our group and get some new friends for hearts.

  4. I have had 3 stars and enough points to get level 37 but didn’t get all the ceiling down – is that the problem, very frustrating. any other tips please welcome

    • You just have to keep playing or by some Charm. Don’t give up, I played all 155 levels without Charms, it can be done! If you still want the extra help from a Charm, this level have most use from Charm of Plenty, as you get 5 additional bubbles for every level with that.

  5. I have got any where from 71,000 to 99,000 of bubbles on at least six different occasions and it keeps come up sorry out of bubbles. Is 70,000 the required amount or is that a typo in the game and is should be higher, or is the game screwed up at this level?

  6. ihave reached 2 stars and still says no bubbles left. How do you upgrade the app for iPad? It is becoming very frustrating.

  7. I have gotten to 140,000 + points and 3 stars twice and it keeps saying out of bubbles. I think I am being ripped off. Also how do you spend the coins???

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