Level 44 – The trick how to play it.

49-stats-bubble-witch-sagaAre you one of many with troubles at level 44? This is the point in the game that might have turned free-games only players into a facobook coin user. The Magic Charm of precision would help a lot at level 44! We sad bastards that played level 44 without any Charm had to adjust the aiming against the small details in the background. Try to keep the mouse pointer vertically in the same line, that will give you a good routine for aiming.

Level 44 is playable without any Magic Potions or/and Charms. Focusing on popping bubbles on just one side of the big pyramid is the trick! It helped me a lot and I have successfully played level 44 several times!

Level 44 has an excellent background to calibrate your aim against

The Doom Skull Bubbles aren’t really that sensitive, they often let a bubble sweep on the side of them. That gives us the opportunity to do better shots at level 44. Look at the picture above, where I am about to pop green bubbles. In the game it feels like the bubble from the cauldron maybe is going to burst into the Doom Skull Bubble, but that didn’t happen! :) A few misses will certainly learn you how big risks you can take with sweeping aside Doom Skulls. ;)

Good luck to you!

As you can see, level 44 IS POSSIBLE! 8)

What? Don’t believe me? Didn’t like the proof made with charms? Well, here is another one by hbyde then! :D

2 thoughts on “Level 44 – The trick how to play it.

  1. How does one disarm a bomb??
    I’m way up on level 80 and am stuck and refuse to give FB anymore money!

    • You can not Disarm a Bomb without a paid Charm. What you can do on the other hand is fill the gaps aroubd it and have it temporarily turned off. When you burst away bubbles around it, it will go off again though.

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