Level 52 just goes all black bubbles all the time, help me!

The trick is to have precision in your aim, because you’ll have to do the major part of level 52 shooting via the walls. If you don’t want to or have had the opportunity to buy a charm of precision you just have to practise your aim. It helps to focus on a specific part in the wall, when you aim to shoot an angle. Don’t spend coins on Magic Potions before training this level a few times. I cleared the left side of the Skull Bubbles first and had a breeze after that. I used the background to adjust my aiming.

On the picture to the left I have circled what one might want to do, lift the bubbles a few rows (not too many, as you will waste bubbles if they go to high) that gives you more possible shots in the beginning of the game. You still have plenty of bubbles left to make a green spider or two after clearing out the devious Doom Bubbles first.

Video, 3 Stars. As you will see it gets easy when you have cleared the nether bunch of Doom Skulls.

Here is another good video that walks you through the level.

And, since this is such a hard level, here is a third one for the basic Strategy:

Here is two strategy pictures made by Arwen Elfe Gris and Hair’Oïne Coiffure. They shows how to aim both in the beginning and at the upper part of level 52
Level 52, part 1level 52, startegy picture

I wish all of you luck clearing level 52! :)

8 thoughts on “Level 52 just goes all black bubbles all the time, help me!

  1. I loved bubble witch….until level 52. It’s all fine and dandy that you can pass this level for your little tutorial but here’s the “real” deal….some of us don’t get pretty little bubbles all lined up in nice neat popable rows. Some of us have to plug away at this, bubble by bubble, and run out before hitting the top. When 87 (cuz yes, I do buy the !@#$ potions) manages by some miracle to be enough….. you don’t get enough stars. I’ve been stuck on this level for 6 weeks….and quite frankly….I QUIT. I’m so fed up frustrated and irritated with this game. I WANT to play, but I’m not spending 99 facebook credits to move beyond this one !@#$ level. And I’m done dedicating this much bloody time to a level that thus far has proven to be impossible. So why don’t you post a tutorial for those of us who have all but mastered our aim, wall-shots, use of
    available potions, and every other trick we can find…… and actually show us how to pass this level? One player quitting may not be a big deal, but lets face it, this level is retardedly difficult. I’m over it, and your game if there isn’t a solution in sight…..

    • DITTO !
      They want you to BUY BUY BUY….

      I’ve passed/cleared level 52 twice… but did not have enough points to get a star…. Because I needed more coins to double my points… well guess what? I am tried of Bugging my friends for more coins and lives….
      This game started off as a no brainer…
      (this is the first game I’ve ever played on fb.) …..a game to sit and relax….NOW I’m started to swear…. I’ve gotten through all the other levels in 2 weeks……. and what…I had to play this level ONE level for 2 weeks?
      I’ve had it!

      • You aren’t the only one stuck on level 52. It WILL happen, you are going to clear the level. You can subscribe to open profile’s that post coins, if you don’t like the idea of adding strangers as friend to get coins. You find open profiles in groups. :)

        • I have been on this level for well over a month. I have had the same problem with having to chip away at the bubbles one at a time because there are VERY few clumps. ALSO, where are all the lives my friends send me every day? I never receive them after accepting the email. What’s the point of sending or receiving extra lives if they never show up?

  2. Hi there, level 52 might be ridiculously hard to get through, but it is manageable. I hope that you don’t get into misery for hearing this, but I just played level 52 successfully twice in a row without potions or/and charms. I am trying to get more Stars on level 52, but that might not be possible?

    BTW, one little correction to your post: It isn’t “my game” or “our game” as you indicate in the end. This site is not formally supported by the devs or owners of Bubble Witch Saga in any way.

    • Fair enough (about the assumed affiliation)….but look at the comments this video has generated on youtube. I know it’s possible. I have one friend (out of the 22 I know who play) who managed to pass this level. It’s just incredibly frustrating. I can clear the level when I get a layout like you did (lumps of color), but not generate enough points. It’s just aggravating. Guess I need to go ping King.com to issue a charm for “select any bubble color you want” or something ;)

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