Level 55, the way it was designed to be played

Starting Bubbles: 80
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars:
120 000, 140 000, 150 000
Recommended Magic Potions:
7 Extra Bubbles
Special Bubbles:

You need to drop the cluster of 3 Doom Skull Bubbles to the right very fast. Look at the picture to get what we mean! The picture also have a line marked on it, that is the lowest you can let the infection spread. If the infection spreads lower than that, you will not be able to see beyond the left side infection so you can know what  color bubbles you need to shoot there.
The second picture shows how it is supposed to be to get the clear sight to the left.  When the level rolls up:

Full Layout Pic Level 55

Full Layout Pic Level 55

Memorize two colors, the one bubble to the left above the infected bubble and the one to the right above the infected bubble. Then you can aim at them in the blind later on and clear all the infected  bubbles and the Doom Skull Bubbles by bursting the hidden bubble that you so nicely have in mind, that if you fail to clear the right hand side fast enough.
When you have dropped the infection and the skulls to the left, you will be able to see above the infection to the right!

You can also watch this 3 Star video on Youtube (no Charms).

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7 thoughts on “Level 55, the way it was designed to be played

  1. I’ve completed level 116 so far – with 44 3-star wins, 60 2-star wins and 6 1-star wins. That did not happen all at once. I kept going back to upgrade games I had already played. I usually preview levels in YouTube to see what I’m up against before I play. I did not buy any charms until level 60. then I got the Charm of Scrolling, then Aim, and then Foresight.
    The Charm of Scrolling works great if you have a Snipping Tool utility, because you can scroll down, take a screen pic and have the pic window and game window side by side; otherwise you only get 3 scrolls per game. I would recommend Precision as the most useful one, and Foresight has helped me up my wins.
    Nastiest level so far is L 112, a bottle neck with both infected and morph bubbles.
    What I would REALLY like to find is a charm for defeating poison spiders. Don’t see one on the list. If anyone knows if it
    exists, I’d like to hear. Thanks for the great website!.

  2. don not be afride of spider bubbles if you star like them they on you side just kill the alrey in the game i sor of like watch haw the poison go

    • this one need to be remover i do not know ant othere languges but the translations nee to be check somewhow i am just guesing onlt here theywant olay a little jock

  3. You can’t get past this level without buying something or spamming the hell out of your fb friends. 7 blue balls in a row–not a single blue ball anywhere that can be shot at. Game after game after game. Mix the balls up. I’m done with Bubble Witch.

  4. Level 55 0n bubble saga has me very concerned. I have a samsung galazy 3 phon and on this level the ball from the top do not fall down at all. I dont want to delete this game.

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