Level 68, long time, no see, infected bubbles

Starting Bubbles: 49
Recommended Potions: 7 Extra Bubbles OR both extra ceiling holes and golden spiders (I used the combo first time I got through level 68)
Special Bubbles: Black Bubbles, Infected Bubbles

As you can see from this Start Screen of level 68 in Bubble Witch Saga, there is two infected bubbles. Is it essential that you clear out the bubbles below them, before the infected bubbles can build a V-shaped figure. If they can build a V, you’ll know that you lost a life.

If the infected bubbles get three rows lower than the black bubbles, you’ll need the Charm of Scrolling or if you have a screen cap from the start, before the bubbles rolled up, that will do just as nice, so I strongly recommend the screen cap.

Two small bubbles in the start can ruin the whole level.

Two small bubbles in the start can ruin the whole level.

May I present: VIDEO!

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    • At your Right hand side you have all the levels listed, click on 50. You find the levels by clicking on 1-215 up high if you are here on a mobile device. Happy Bubbling! :)

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