Level 78 – Bombs and viruses are messing with us!

Starting Bubbles: 30
Recommended Potions:
Useful Charms: Precision Charm
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 70 000,  80 000, 120 000
Special bubbles: Doom bubbles, Infection Bubbles, Two Bombs

Tips strategies and pics by Patti Frazier-Laundree.

Pic 1(look below): You have an infection bubble on each side which is underlined. Another row below are two doom bubbles each on top of a bomb. I have windowed these in orange. So you will be multitasking in the beginning. You need to stop the infection bubble as it spreads as best you can while staying away from the bombs at the lower sides of screen indicated by yellow lines. Make sure your bubbles are not shooting into clusters touching the bomb. At the same time you will be clearing out the middle to make way toward the top above the level of the infection bubble. Use your bubbles wisely, you do not have many. Obtaining the 7 extra bubble potion is highly recommended.

The infection must be dropped from the top as indicated by the arrows. You’ll actually need to go a little higher but this gives you the general idea.

Pic 1 for level 78

Pic 2, Level 78


Pic 2: One cluster of infection bubbles has been taken out along with the doom bubble and bomb. They were dropped from above as indicated by arrow on other cluster.


Pic 3, Level 78



Pic 3: The second cluster has been dropped and the ceiling is now visible.


Here is a great video for Level 78 by Sebastián Ramírez.

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