Lottery at GU! Win the Charm of Magic!

Magic-CharmEvery Lottery have it’s own twist, we have had Lotteries where you need to Like the Bubble Witch Official Page at Facebook, lotteries where you need to share the lottery and Lotteries where you need to be a member of a certain Bubble Witch Saga Group at Facebook. This time it is Gamers United! that is the place where you shall enter your comment to participate.

Click here to participate in the Charm Contest for the Charm of Magic!

The comment you enter at GU! should have proof in it that you know that you can be credited with the Charm of Magic. If you also writes down what you aregoing to do with this Charm, that is good, as it will be kind of awkward if the winner have misunderstood what the Charm of Magic does. Check the short info on this Charm by clicking here to see our notes on the Charm of Magic.

Also remember to Like or/and Share the thread at GU! to get the word out. I am actually a bit worried on how few entries there are in the time it has been on. If yhe Lottery was here at the Blog there would have been many more entries by now!

Here is a picture on howto find the place to open up the box where you enter you answer at GU!



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