More All in one Click Coins! (No app nor Plugin needed)

Bubble Witch Saga All in one Click Coins, no app or plugin needed!

I had no idea that you would like the All in One Click Coins this much this fast. Thank you for all the “Likes” on the All in One Click Coins-post from yesterday. I promised you another click when it gets 100 “Likes”, so I need to deliver it now then. :)

These coins were provided by Angie Hirzmann. Thank you Angie! <3


item to find fresh coins

This time the task might be harder to get the next button for one click. My beloved Cat, the Baroness have a Facebook Page and the Baroness is not pleased at all that it have so few  supporters. To stop it’s whining I promised the Baroness that I’ll try to get some more “Likes” for the FB Page. The goal for this time is to “Like” the Facebook page “Bubble Witch Saga – the Baroness” AND to get  100 “Likes” for this post. When the Baroness’ Facebok Page have at least 250 “Likes” and this post have at least 100 “Likes” the next one click button will get published. So go on like Bubble Witch Saga – the Baroness‘ FB Page! It is all about cats and Witches and Bubble Witch Saga! :D You can use the Like-button right here to like the Facebook Page. :) But I indeed hope that you check it out at some point if you got the time between levels! :D

Like the Baroness’ FB Page above this text!
I am the Baroness!
Like this All in One Click Post below this text!

6 thoughts on “More All in one Click Coins! (No app nor Plugin needed)

    • Whow, I wasn’t sure if anybody would need that fastest option, but you must have both a good Internet and computer, if it can collect in 5 sec/load! :)

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