My Candy Crush Saga Level Index

  • 1-100
  • 101-200
  • 201-399
  • 400-499
  • 500-599




49 thoughts on “My Candy Crush Saga Level Index

  1. What is up with Level 717. Days ago there were 3 chocolates, now only one? It’s Impossible with this change. I’m curious as to why this change was made?

  2. il y a 6 mois que je suis sur le niveau 181 et je sis incapable de le réussir, avez-vous quelques trucs pour le réussir, ouje vais l’abandonner tout simplement.

  3. Please can someone tell me why I get no opportunity to pass from 60 to 61 when playing on my laptop? If I click on 61 all that happens is the drinks keep popping. Really fed up :(

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