New Eternal Isles are open! (28, 29)

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 29


If you got the 12 Facebook Credits to access the new Eternal isles 29, you now can do so! 


If you need guides for Eternal Isles 28, just look in the Upper menu, or use this Eternal Isles 28 Video Index to find your pic of either the non charm Classic strategy videos or videos made with all charms, All together 20 videos are available for Eternal Isles 28! :)

New Level Videos for Eternal Isles 29 are made, join the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group or/and subscribe to our Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga to get the freshest Bubble Witch Saga Level Vids! :D

Something else that you might want to know have happened! The big Facebook Page “Bubble Witch Saga ALL Coins” now have a registered user here at Blogging Witches’ Site and that means here will be a lot more coins posted in the future! :D

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8 thoughts on “New Eternal Isles are open! (28, 29)

  1. Eternal Isles 29 keeps losing connection. It has taken potions and lives from me, in the meantime. Can and will this be fixed?

  2. Why don’t they fix the bug before letting us in? I lost coins before losing the connect as well just now. I seem to lose coins fairly often recently due reload issues etc. More than last year for sure. Please shut it down if it is not ready. Thanks. Mary

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