New Levels at the Eternal Isles! (and EI18 is free)

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 19 Levels have arrived!

You that have waited for Eternal Isles 18 to open up with the help of your friends, now should rush into the game and ask for help as well, everybody got something new today, both ppl that play with FB Credits and you that play for free. :D Special THX to Christine Duczek for alerting me about the new levels.

The video list for Ei 18 is made long time ago, as well as the Level overview for all the EI 18 Levels. The Aiming and Strategy tips for EI 18 Level 10 is also already published and if you usually not use any help, you just might have to take a peak at the 18-10 guide anyway, IT IS A REALLY HARD LEVEL!

Guides for EI 18 are also available via the upper purple menu here at the Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site.

Happy Bubbling!

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