New Levels, higher prices, lot’s of coins and changes

Bubble Witch Saga Windmill Village in Shadow Realm, Level 276 – Level 285

valentine2We got a bunch of new features today. one of the fun features is the way Morph Bubbles and Shadow Bubbles interact, that is changed in a fun-fun way.

We got new PowerUps, new PowerUps are always a good thing. Unfortunately we get only one try for free of the new PowerUps, then we’ll need to use real money for the Scrolls. we’ll… My suggestion is that you Save that one freebie for a hard level! :)

The price for Magic Potions have gone up, don’t worry, we’ll launch a 13 000 One Click Button soon and i strongly recommend that all of you engage yourself in more coin sharing at GU! and the ALL Coins Page at Facebook. I think that The higher price for Magic Potions is a clear message from King.Com that we should be even more social outside our own circles of friends and share our coins even MORE.


…and rumours are that other third party services (haha, that was fancy, but I’d rather not tell anything more about who they are at the moment) are taking up a more offensive way to get coins out to the gamers as well.

A nice surprise was that all of us with more than 400 Stars got a 30 000 coins bonus, that compensate a little for the fact that  the prices for Magic Potions have gone up. The persons that haven’t yet reached 400 stars are screwed though, ’cause before today it was 75 000 coins you got for the 400th star…

Here is the 3 Star Dazzle Mode video for Level 276.

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