New Levels, new feature, new coins!

Bubble Witch Saga New Levels in Shadow Realm

We are happy, happy, happy!

Finally are the mini games fixed, we can play for coins in the wall feed again! :D A new intresting feature have been added, you can send 3 bubbles to your friends, those extra bubbles hopefully will help you pass Level 287, it is Level 117 ALL OVER AGAIN and you’ll run out of bubbles more than once, that much I can promise you!


Here you can watch the first new Level videos of Bubble Witch Saga and Pet Rescue Saga, keep an eye on the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga to get a look at the new videos as soon they are added. :D

Classic Strategy Video for 286 Bubble Witch Saga

Classic Strategy Video for 287 Bubble Witch Saga

Classic Strategy Video for 288 Bubble Witch Saga

Level 118 in Pet Rescue Saga. new for today. :)

Many of us got a lot of coin sacks today, the mount you get for star have been decreased, but there are more sacks available now, then before, if you haven’t played all the game yet, the total amount is smaller though.


4 thoughts on “New Levels, new feature, new coins!

  1. where are these mini games i keep hearing about? sorry if it sounds like a silly question.
    I would like to play them and contribute to the coins being made available to others

    • Look for an Edit option in the middle right side of the white space and see if you have removed the rights for BWS by mistake.

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