New levels on a regular basis!

There are heavy indications that we will get new levels every other week or so. As announced at the official Bubble Witch Fan Page, that is King.Com’s master plan.  Sometimes maybe even once a week! Usually Thursdays are Feature Days for Bubble Witch Saga, that is great, then all we Wannabe Witches have the whole weekend to find out about new features and master new levels! :D

You get the possibility to unlock the Eternal Isles after completing level 155. You need 3 friends or 12 FB coins to unlock the spell that keep it unleashed.

Published Videos and Level guides for Eternal Isles:

Screen Cap of the announcement of Eternal Isles

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10 thoughts on “New levels on a regular basis!

  1. That great do weekly planet on bubble saga as well this is good for all the addics but overthere they do it from last summer what took them so long do it for BWS?

  2. Can you tell me if there are any levels past the 10 in the the “Eternal Isles”? I want to play more! Thank you.

  3. well is not only hit but is the biggest , they jump from 30,000 to 900,000 players in one day just few days before christmas

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