New Magic Scroll, Free Wishes….

Free Wishes for EVERYONE and New Scrolls in Bubble Witch Saga!

We got new items in the game. But you’ll need to play a level before they are added. Even people that can’t get credited with the items (because they have the wishes as charms) will get the messages, that is a bit annoying.

NOTE THIS!!! (Information Added 21st June 2013): A user logged in to Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook, she had not played for several months and OH YEAH!!! =D She indeed got all the freebie charms now!

magic-scroll-unlockedAbout the Magic Scrolls: The Magic Scroll named Arcane bubbles will clear all bubbles within a 3 bubble radius. It is unlocked after you have finished level 16.

The Magic Scroll Lightning bubbles clear a linear row of at least 7 bubbles. You can watch the Lightning Bubble in Action at Level 340 where I finally used the other of my saved up Magic Scroll, the Lightning Bubble. I just needed to be certain that it would drop the bomb and decided that I had saved it long enough. ;-) Click HERE to see that part of level 340, round 3.

At the iPad version the free bubbles that you can get sent to you by your friends are considered as Magic Scrolls as well and you can actually choose before you start a level if you want to use the +3 bubbles or not. That is not (yet?) a feature available at Facebook.

If you haven’t bought the Wishes as Charms earlier you should have gained one of each wish to try out for free with this update!

AWESOME! I suggest you use them very carefully though. They are indeed paid items after the first free fix…

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus Level 30th April 2013

Just remember that you want to have some spider to drop the viruses on when you play today’s daily bonus level and you should be just fine. :) Potions will not upper your score for any significant amount.

Here is the video by Patti for the Daily Bonus Level for April 30th, 2013:


Whooow, did we have a nightmare or not with all the King games down for almost four hours. Papa Pear Saga worked a little though, was the only one that loaded and not all the time that one either.

NOTE! Coins that originally was included as a daily bonus in this post have been removed since they are no longer valid links.

EDIT: the information below this post is deprecated….

, bug of Shielded Spiders


If you also is affected by the Bug where the shielded Spiders doesn’t work, you can add your notes to the thread in the forums. https://apps.fac

After the changes some of us are experiencing issues with the game getting unconnected when you win a level. For me it was an easy FIX, I just
Cleared out my cache and cookies and everything was back to

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  1. Hia whateva I seem to do I never get any free coins or nothing could u help me tell me how to get free gifts thsnk u soooo much xx

  2. Ive been playing bws for about 12mths. Started my husban on it but he has no options tobuy charms or wishes. Cant remember what I did for mine but I need precision for him. Any ideas?

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