It is not just you, the mini games can’t be posted. :(

All Bubble Witch Saga players are affected by this problem at the moment, it started the 28th/29th August(depending on where you live) . Instead of posting a mini game to your wall feed when you get two or three Stars you get an error from Facebook stating “flash objects must have the ‘source’ and ‘picture’ attributes”.

As Youtube videos started to get posted in a different manner at the same time(click for example, Youtube share), we can assume that Facebook(Open graph?) made some changes with unwanted effects for many app devs including the hard working devs at King.Com. I am sure that King.Com will find a solution very fast though. :)

How do you get coins now? You can click on the “My wf” menu item above to get to your wall feed, where you’ll find new posts from people that have beaten their friends on dofferent levels. The mini games are valid for about a week, so you might have many games that you haven’t yet played, if you just scroll down long enough! Of course you also can collect the free links from the HUGE BONUS bulk post from yesterday, if you already haven’t! :D

For the people affected by this Facebook issue there is at the moment only one way to send coins to the wall feed: By beating a friend at any level. So now is indeed the right time to go crown hunting!

Howto get Bubble Witch Saga Automagic Coins

Okey… I’ll admit it… it isn’t automagic coins, but almost! It certainly feel automatic to me. As I now have gathered more than 1000 friends playing Bubble Witch Saga my coin count is a never ending self-sufficient system. I just click on all green buttons that pops up in the Game Notification Sheet in the beginning of the game, those that send lives to 10 random friends and those that states “Accept and Send” and naturally also “Break Spell”-requests. With hundreds of daily players as friends and the Charm of Life I have ran out of lives only once the past six months! Having a full life count is important if you use this system to gain coins, as every heart sent to you morphs into 100 coins if you have max lives.

Howto increase coins gifted by friends in Bubble Witch Saga

You should always send lives and ask for lives, even if you don’t need them! Every heart you send can be returned as coins by the receiver. You send hearts by clicking on the tiny icons of your friends on the map or on the top score list that shows up right before you are about to enter any level.

If you need lots of coins, you should ask for lives often. As soon as you have spent one life, click on the little plus sign that you have above your Saga map and ask your friends for lives, reload the game often to Accept and send lives and coins so that your friends can Accept and send lives back to you often as well.

If you need more friends for Bubble Witch Saga, you can connect via the Bubble Witch Saga fan Site Group or via the Gamers United unique Friend Search for Bubble Witch Saga. It is against FB TOS to send out friend requests to people you don’t know and Facebook have an automatism to prevent ppl from sending out too many F/R’s.

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