“Nothing funny here. Farming is a serious business”

The Lottery Winner of a $22 worth facebook gift card is Nick Flynn!

Next contest is in Pet Rescue Saga Help, to celebrate 5000 members in there. Welcome to join for the contest.

The $5 bonus price goes to Shoshannah Forbes for the funniest comment as answer to write a fun comment, she answered:

“Nothing funny here. Farming is a serious business”

Congrats Nick and Shoshannah! Please Contact Peetra as advised in the announcement made Saturday in the group. :)

A special mention worth a $5 gift card goes to Lynette Lawrence. You don’t win the gift card yourself, but you are entitled to be a partner when we arrange the next contest in any group where I am adminning. You pick the group, Lynette! 
Lynette’s answer was as following:

“Animals from here and there
are the heroes of my farm.
I like
picking the flowers, collecting beans,
and gathering my cropsies galore!

Pesky rabbits are every where,
and Rancid is intent on harm.
I’ll try
defeat him by any means,
and tomorrow I’ll be back for more!”

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