Oh no!!!! The Ghosts are taking over the Isles!

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Levels have been cursed by the Ghosts?

LOADS of ppl are reporting problems with the Eternal Isles. They can not proceed to the next level as the game freeze when they have played the 10th level of any isle.

King.Com have located the problem and will fix it soon!

update, 20 Sept. I have a greeting from the King.Com team. :D

“Some of you may be experiencing problems loading the game. Rest assured, the Bubble Witch Saga team is working on this, and we hope the issue will be resolved as quickly as possible. Try logging in a little later today, and thank you for your support!”

They certainly have heaps of mail sent to them, if you have sent them a mail and haven’t got an answer, you need to be a bit understanding and hope that they focus their working hours on fixing stuff and not writing comforting letters to  thousands of players. Some stuff that have bugged out isn’t that bad, some stuff you can fix yourself, and some you just can’t.

Some players have wrote and told that they have asked their friends to unlock ALL Eternal Isles levels before they go on and play ANY 10th level at any isle and this seem to have given them more space to play. Tip off your friends about this one! =)

One player report that she have been able to move on at Eternal Isles by changing browsers from Firefox to Google Chrome.

You can download Chrome and try, if you are affected by this issue. Chrome is a free web browser provided by Google.

Yet another player have now reported that she managed to get the ghosts and the arrow to appear so she could ask friends for lives for the next Eternal Isle. She simple kept reloading the game until she got it to work!

Charm of InsuranceA real luxury problem have turned up for us that have the Charm of Insurance, as it doesn’t work properly on the Eternal Isles. But fortunately there is a workaround for this Insurance Issue. You just turn it off and on again first when it is available at any Eternal Isle it works as it is supposed too. Aka as a Charm. ;-)

[edit, King.Com have fixed this one, week 38] We are affected of a heart problem as well, but it isn’t serious at all. If you click on a heart and it doesn’t turn to a green tick, the life still have been sent and next time you reload the same place were you clicked, the hearts have turned green.

If you get a white screen when you try to load BWS, just restart your browser or clear out your cache and cookies, both fixes seem to provide help.

If you got some concerns with your iPhone or iPad game, please read the troubleshooting guide for mobile devices.

The ordinary ISSUES and FIXES article can also provide any of you with some help on what to do if you have problems. Happy Bubbling!


19 thoughts on “Oh no!!!! The Ghosts are taking over the Isles!


  2. Have completed level 175 but I did not get chance to go to the next stage as the level closed immediately although it offered I buy to go to thenext level or go through friends I did not get that chance. I hope you can fix it soon Thank youI will try to be patient Anne

    • There shouldn’t be any level 176 out yet though. Sometimes some players have got access to levels too early, it might have been an almost for you there.

    • The same problem seems o be affecting when trying to access level 176. We’ll just have to wait that King.Com sorts this one out.

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    • Det blir väl minimi 165 stjärnor då, eftersom det räcker med att man har klarat nivå 165 för att kunna be sina väner om hjälp för att öppna 166, Shadow Lord Land. Var beredd dock, Shadow Lord nivåerna har alla tre varv per nivå. :) Om jag inte kommer ihåg helt fel, då kan man inte spela längre än till 165 på iPad och iPhone just nu, så du behöver en PC eller Mac för att nå 166.

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