NEW!!! Pet Rescue Saga Levels 943, 944 and up are released!

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NEW Pet Rescue Saga Episode!!! Pet Rescue Saga Levels 943, 944 and higher / 12 May 2015

pet rescue saga - episode open

Pet Rescue Saga Level 943 / Gameplay by LEA:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 944 / Gameplay by LEA

Our Pet Rescue Saga level Index has demo guides for all levels uploaded.

AlphaBetty Saga for ALL the great languages plus SCANDINAVIAN languages!

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How to get started with AlphaBetty Saga at Facebook:

DRAG the cursor, don’t click. You can make words backwards, forwards, and also diagonally. Watch the video below to see mainewil, head witch, screw up at first, not getting even the first example word Alpha done! *blushing*

How to change language in AlphaBetty Saga

Play the word game AlphaBetty Saga in your native language or learn a new language with Alphaetty! 😀 Currently AlphaBetty Saga is available in nine different languages that can be changed and swapped in the middle of playing: German, Dutch, Spain, Italian, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and indeed also in English.

Story of AlphaBetty SagA

Betty character from AlphaBetty Saga

Meet Betty, character in AlphaBetty Saga

Betty is a young mouse living in the 1930s. AlphaBetty Saga is about Betty. It is also about Betty’s grandfather, Professor Alpha, and about Professor Alpha’s loyal assistant, Barney. Together the Alpha trio gets into word adventures of epic scale!

King.Com Ltd. promises that as the AlphaBetty Saga adventure goes on we will recognize amongst other stuff famous landmarks, only redesigned as they would appear in a mouse world in the 1930s.




AlphaBetty Saga was launched at the FB gaming platform to the public in the middle of April, 2015, after have been in soft release in BETA testing areas since February.


extra-movesYou will unlock various different AlphaBetty Saga boosters along the way up the level. After leveling up to AlphaBetty Saga Level 20 some games get access to a library.

In FB app making industry and all other software developement Alpha stands for an early version of the program to be released. A Release Candidate (often shortened RC) pre to the testing stage. In software development, the BETA version of an app/program or similar is these days quite often launched to the general public. There we have one possible explanation where AlphaBetty Saga got the name. the A in AlphaBetty will ofcourse get the AlfaBetty Saga Game a good placement in any alphabetical list of games/apps out there. Ltd. “King”, “Alpha Betty Saga” and associated marks and logos are trademarks of Ltd or related entities.


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Please Read below Regarding Facebook Game Changes

Facebook is in the process of doing a complete overhaul of its format. This will greatly impact ALL Facebook apps, especially the games. The developers will have to rewrite a lot of their game code to comply with the new guideline requirements. The date for this change is April 30, 2015.

Many games are already affected and some developers, such as Zynga, have started closing down games, as they do not have the resources to comply with the new Facebook gaming platform on all of their games they have available through Facebook.

The good news is, King has been preparing for this change for months and the change to the new platform should go well.

As a player, you will probably experience disruption in your games until April 30, 2015. You may notice new features becoming available and present features disappearing. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Some games do not have the bandwidth on its server to keep the game active in the process of recoding, which is why you may see “Under Maintenance” notices from some of them. Other developers will be restricting their public bandwidth so they can do their uploads and strive to keep their game active during the process, albeit with slower responses, features temporarily inoperative, freezing, and other symptoms as a result. Make a note of the changes or difficulties you are having. If your game does not clear up within a few days after April 30, 2015, please post a message in your group, and  King will be contacted for a response. Please be as detailed as possible: a screenshot is good, a video of the problem is best.

All games use your Facebook ID to identify you. As of April 30, 2015, each player using a game/app MUST be assigned a unique ID for EACH game/app they play. Some developers have been proactive and have already issued individual ID’s, but many have not. Individual ID’s is just one of the changes coming and it is believed that DELETING and REINSTALLING your game WILL PROBABLY erase all of your progress in your game and put you back to Level 1.

We have to be patient that King, and other Facebook games, will be up to par and functioning as soon as the developers can bring it back with whatever resources they have.


STOP Important Notice Pic

Candy Crush Saga vs Candy Crush Soda Saga – Which One Is Your Favorite?

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Candy Crush Saga vs Candy Crush Soda Saga – Which One Is Your Favorite Sport?

Realy! The choice between the two mobile games (developed by King.Com), Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga, is hard to make! Except for a few changes, that look small, but are very significant, both mobile apps are identical: The basic goal remains the same – breaking candies that form a combination in groups to three, four or five to clear a stage. Dopamine receptors beeing  filled by both games, somehow better than Bejeweled ever did!

JOIN US NOW! –> Candy Crush Saga Help

However, sub objectives are different. While in the candy crush soda saga, one had to bring down ingredients, clear jelly, eat all chocolates etc, in the Candy Crush Soda Saga game, the candy is broken in order to clear frosting, eat chocolate, free gummy bears or raise bears over candy string.

Our Youtube Channel named the Blogging Witches has all the hard levels uploaded for both Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga. We we are on a quest to upload every single level to YouTube that are ever to be launched in any Saga game!

Soda Saga or original Candy Crush Saga

Soda Saga or original Candy Crush Saga, can you always tell the difference? I kniow I can’t…

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