Papa Pear Saga – New game from King

Papa Pear Saga

King.Com turns 10 this week and is apparently called just “King” now. Congrats King!

King have launched a new game, Papa Pear Saga, this week and apparently there is also a match 3 game called  Farm Heroes Saga to be launched any time soon.




Papa Pear Saga, Level 33. Tasked Level, bring down the fruits!

Papa Pear Saga is about shooting pears (they were helmets) down into buckets. When you level up there will come various of obstacles along the way. So far (I am at Level 36 now) there have been no signs of any free boosters by choice, but all the paid items can however appear when you make special shots in the game.

The strawberries, carrots and acorns are quite small items in the game, it took a dozen of levels to get used to them. My assumption is therefor that Papa Pear Saga is targeting a younger audience than the average Bubble Witch Saga player, which can  be a really smart move, soon every boy have a game in their Android or iPhone? ;-)

Papa Pear Saga Video of the first 5 Levels Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, subscribe to get more Papa Pear Saga Videos! :D

Play Papa Pear Saga at Facebook by clicking this

Some other walkthrough videos for Papa Pear Saga:

Full Papa Pear Saga Level  Index with breakthrough solutions for all Levels. 
Unofficial Facebook Page:

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  1. Is the 40 hours up yet??? Desperately want to continue playing PP on the iPhone – can help make a long bus journey shorter!!

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