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About Boosters – guides and demo videos with boosters, strategy by Bubble Witch Saga 2 – ALL HELP Admins




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Many of you don’t know or are not sure what each booster in Bubble Witch 2 Saga games is and does so this post will help you.




                                ABOUT BOOSTERS 




bws2-fireball-destroys-150x106 bws2-fireball-unlock-level-15-150x147

The Fire Bubble is a very powerful booster that removes everything in its way, blockers included. But be careful, it won’t bounce off the walls!

– best use of the Fire booster is when you are stuck on animal levels, but of course you can use it in all types of BWS2 levels. It destroys everything including black holes, black bubbles, bombs etc.





DEMO VIDEO in Morgana levels ( BWS2 level 403):

DEMO VIDEO in Save the animals levels ( BWS2 level 421):







bws2-rainbow-bubble-level-8-150x150 Use the Rainbow Bubble to eliminate clusters of different colored  Bubbles at the same time. Spiders will still spawn when you use  this booster!

– best use of Rainbow booster is in Clear the top levels.

We all had problems with getting 5/6 holes in the top,

so Rainbow boosters comes in like a saver ;).

Be careful!!! It does NOT work if you aim from the walls.


DEMO VIDEO (BWS2 level 434):




Morphing Wand you use  when you want to switch a color of selected bubbles for a different one.


1013992_267671080110901_7846654216137989404_n– best use in the Morgana and Ghost levels. It transforms everything on the board in the same color, for an example black holes also.

– my personal problem with this booster is you can’t choose which color. So if you have red bubbles what if all turn  into blue?

– best to use it on black bubbles and tornados – it will turn it into regular bubbles 🙂




DEMO VIDEO ( BWS2 level 258 ):






10646983_870623249642380_7555453230893206068_n– when you decide to use Fairy booster – in all types of BWS 2 levels it will add all sort of boosters in your game.

– depends on how long is each level – it will add 3+ extra, Zen bubbles, the Line blast etc









10801562_274994576045218_308348643144865944_n– when you use 10+ extra bubbles you will add 10 more bubbles/moves at the beginning of a level.

– only problem here is you have to use it before you know for sure will you pass a level or not.

DEMO VIDEO (BWS2 level 350):                               (BWS2 level 274):





                         BLOCKERS IN THE GAME



Names and use of blockers you will find in your Bubble Witch 2 Saga levels:


Official name is THE CLOUD, I call it THE WHITE BUBBLES.

Often if the board is lucky, aim same colour as you have beside the white bubble and you’ll have a match.



THE LINE BLAST is your BFF in BWS2 game. It removes everything under it, and when you use it during the HOT POT that doubles your points you will get an awesome score. It does not work on wheels with mouses. It only removes bubbles on the wheel, but it stays on the board.


Official name is BLACK HOLE. We in Bubble Witch Saga 2 – ALL HELP like to call it TORNADOS and that word you will find in our guides as after you aim 3 bubbles it will disappear.



BLACK BUBBLES are here just to mess up with your gameplay or your aiming. It can be removed only if you make a match above it, bubbles that are holding it or with the Line Blast.



The ZEN BUBBLE – shiny big bubbles that destroy some of the bubbles and other obstacles around it. Very helpful blocker, especially if you are in the middle of the HOT POT as it will continue to play in HOT POT if you hit it. Also helps with bombs in higher levels, Frobble etc.






After 6 successful shots in a row, you will get the HOT POT which double your points when your bubbles are dropped. As long as you continue to make successful shots they will remain. They will disappear as soon as you miss or make a single shot.




The Bat bubbles are here, sometimes to help, sometimes to mess with your game. It all depends where will it fly and stay. You will remove the Bat bubbles if you aim in at least 3 same bubbles. If not it will move as your board is moving.




3+ extra bubbles give you 3 more bubbles in cauldron if you hit it.. be careful while dropping bubbles because you will lose it.
Also very good to hit while HOT POT is on.




Spiders are helping you to get a bigger score. First you get blue, then gold and green spider. It will increase your score as long as bubbles are bouncing around it. If you were watching any of my videos and wondering why I didn’t finish some level and I had a match – the reason are spiders – I was probably creating them more for better points ;).





– every 3 moves he releases more bubbles on your board – not so much helpful but sometimes it can surprise you from time to time .I am sure there were levels where you just wanted to shoot him – I know I did ;).


CHAMELEON BUBBLE – changes color every time you make a move – no strategy here.



SKELETON MOUSE – or as we Bubble gamers call it simple – THE WHEEL.
– in order to drop it you have to remove all bubbles that are holding it. Usually in very hard levels.You have to watch in what way is it turning.


BOMBS – after they count to zero, will make THE BLACK HOLES ( TORNADOS) – so be careful!



THE DRAGON EGGS – tap the Dragon Egg to destroy 3 bubbles somewhere on the board. Although it says multi-use I think it works only 3 times then is gone – correct me if I am wrong 🙂





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