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Bubble Witch 2 Saga feedback by Blogging Witch Lea


















Hi, bubblers!

I guess you are wondering what is happening with our guides lately. Too many boosters used, and too many demo videos and written guides are missing.

As you all moaned here please let me moan a little also this time πŸ˜‰ .

I am sure you all have some problems lately if you see your problem click like please:

– very hard levels lately

– problems with loading the game

– game is in slow motion – takes too much for a bubble to get where you aimed

– same layout every time you play, for mobile players

I have problems with, when playing in Chrome browser that it is in slow motion. If I switch to Firefox browser game is ok but somewhere in the middle it freezes. Sometimes it unfreezes after minute or 2, sometimes I have to refresh the game and start all over. The best part is it always freezes when I have a nice board or am close to finishing the level. Did someone putt spell on me? πŸ˜‰

I am currently stuck on level 460 and still have to pass levels from hell, 448 and 450, without boosters πŸ™‚

So of course, as always, I did send email to BWS2 manager and they will helps us don’t worry!

Thank you for your time, good luck and hope all issues will be fixed soon.

Kind regards,

Blogging Witch Lea.


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  1. tineke

    460 is impossible without boosters. It is the same fort he levels above that! There are not enough bubbles to pass them without boosters!


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