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Bubble Witch 2 Saga game – loading/freezing problems – info collected by admins and members of Bubble Witch Saga 2 – ALL HELP group





Many of us complain lately about problems with loading or freezing in the game.

My problems are: if I am playing in Chrome browser, the game is so slow it takes like ages for bubble to hit where I aimed, arrow that is coming from Stella’s cauldron is “blinking” so it gives me problems with aiming and to be honest it is very boring to watch/play in such a slow motion.

Then I switch to browser Firefox. The game isn’t in slow motion there but after playing few times another problem shows up. It freezes in the middle of the game or bubble just changes color. Did you notice when it does that, arrow that was suppose to be in same color as a bubble – actually isn’t? Sometimes it takes like just few seconds to unfreeze, sometimes a minute, but also very often I need to refresh the game and that means losing all lives in the envelop.


That doesn’t bug me so much as I really have many friends so getting lives isn’t a problem, but I know for many of you that’s a problem too.

If you send a report to  the King about this, you will get this answer:

Thanks for contacting King Customer Care.

I am sorry to hear about your experience and I understand your worries as you are also loosing your Bubble Witch lives.

Please try these steps in order to fix the problem on your computer:

. Use a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE…).
. Download the latest version of the Flash program:
. Close all other programs.
. Clear your cache:
. As a last resort, please remove and re-install the game on Facebook.

Here is a very useful link you can try to check the settings of your browser:

You mentioned that you tried some of the steps but its important that you follow them in the provided order.

Hope it works for you. Have a great day!

Kind regards,
King Customer Care”


Did YOU try this? Did it work for you? Please give us some answers, advice, complains –  here in comments ( be nice 😉 ).

My idea is to have all complains in one place and to send this to the King. Hope it will help us all to enjoy Bubble Witch 2 Saga game as before 🙂

So if You agree, LIKE this post, SHARE with your friends and give us feedback in comments – thank you!

P.S. To leave a comment you need to write your name, email address and website. On the post others will only see your name, email stay private for us admins and for website just type or copy/paste:  ” ” – it is not important really 🙂 

Regards, Blogging Witch Lea


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4 Responses to “Bubble Witch 2 Saga game – loading/freezing problems”

  1. bobbie hooten

    I haveing the same problem on both sites either it’s going so slow or it don’t do anything when i get to bubble witch saga 2 , iv shut my computer down , deleted the cookies and refreshed and it’s not doing any good . I just saw where there there are alot of people are having this problem also , please find what’s going on and fix it ,all my other games are working fine .and i’m also using another site and it’s doing the same thing .

  2. Ghislaine DesGagné

    Same problem here!! Most of the time it’s freezing when I’m done, before getting out to start another B Witch Saga 2 game. Thanks


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