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Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 141, tricks, hints and tips by  Admins of Bubble Witch Saga 2 ALL Help

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In Bubble Witch Saga2 level 141, you need to Clear the top with 27 moves.

The Bubble Mill will give you +3 Bubbles after you hit it. Play safe! Don’t make it fall into the cauldrons or you will loose the 3 extra Bubbles!

In this level you have the Bubbles mills, use them all if you can cause you need extra moves. You can also see the Zen bubbles and the Line Blast. Your game play should be based on them. Remove bubbles to get to those 3 Zen bubbles as they will clear the bubbles and black bubbles so you will have free path to hit that second Line Blast. before you hit it, if you had few good hits, count so you have 6 as you will get the HOT POT, now you hit that second Line Blast, all bubbles under it will fall down and you will get some good points.

Now you reached middle of the board where you can see more white bubbles, 1 Bubble Mill and 5 Zen bubbles. As your left side is more cleared then the right side try to use the left wall and remove bubbles If you clear first on the right Zen bubble you will see on the right side another Line Blast. You have two way to go now. First would be if you have good color of the bubbles to reach that Line Blast, but BEFORE you do that use one Bubble Mill that you see on the left side. The second way, if you don’t have good color of a bubble,try t remove bubbles in the middle, so that animal one animal in the middle of the board can be saved, and your board moves little up. Now you need to hit the Line Blast if you didn’t do it, using the first explanation.

As you use the Line Blast it cleared all under it you have free way to hit that last Zen bubble. The Zen bubble will remove those black bubbles and you will have 2 out of 6 holes in the ceiling cleared. The rest it all depends what color of bubbles you have and how many moves you have left. Good luck 🙂



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