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Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 159, video walkthrough, tricks and tips by Bubble Witch Saga 2 EXPERT GAMER LEA!



Task : Clear the top !

Bubble is starting Cauldron: 28

The trick in Bubble Witch 2 Saga level 159 is that you need to think two steps forward and of course to get good bubbles to match with.

In the entire level you have line of the bubbles, then line of black and color bubbles with the Line Blast and your game play should start on the right side, then left, then right and all the way to the top the same way.

Start the game by removing bubbles on the right side of the board, so you can reach the first Line Blast. You also have the Bat Bubbles, and from our point of view they actually help you in this level 😉 .

When you reach the Line Blast, before you hit it, look what color of the bubbles you have in your cauldron and look what colors do you have once you will clear that line. For example, if you have red and blue bubble in your cauldron and free path to hit the Line Blast: you see the next bubble, after you clear the row with the Line Blast is red, then you will hit the Line Blast with blue bubble and you will already know you have the color red for the next hit. Of course, it will not work if your board is not so good and you will have to aim bubbles in order to reach the Line Blasts.

You have to do it 4 times, as you have 4 Line Blasts in this level.

Once you cleared the last Line Blast you came to the last section in this level where you can see the top. You can also see the Tornados in the middle and two Zen bubbles on both sides. Hit those 2 Zen bubbles as they will clear you the path to get to left and right top. Don’t even try to remove the Tornados in the middle as it is mission impossible ;).

Now it all depends what color of bubbles will you get in your cauldron and what colors do you have at the top. We struggled a little with this level and hope you wont 🙂


AND NOOOO!!! Don’t even try to indicate any! 😛

Lea does not use boosters, so if you study Lea’s BubbleWitch Saga videos at our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches you most certainly have learned a lot of Tricks and tips For Boosters in Bubble Witch Saga 2!

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