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Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 189, tricks and tips by Bubble Witch Saga 2 EXPERTS!


First we want to show you video of level as it was, on the day new levels were open:


Now the fun is over !! 17 hours later, King updated this level in much harder version and after the complains they’ve change it again in little less hard version, but still we needed 100 lives to get the perfect board as without it, you CAN’T pass it !!!



Basic tips to help you to save some nervous are:

In Bubble Witch 2 Saga level 189, the task is to save 6 animals and you start the game with 16 moves.

 If you can’t clear bubbles to reach the 2 Zen bubbles aiming straight or /and on both sides of the wall in 2-4 moves best would be to just quit the level at the beginning and start over. You really need to reach almost all 3+ extra bubbles as you need them.

When you are aiming and for example you will clear a lot of bubbles with your next move, think which color will you use of 2 that you have in your cauldron, so you have the right color of the bubble for your next move (short words think 2 steps forward) . When you reach the top, if you didn’t get same colors of the bubbles above both last animals your chance of passing this level is not good lol. You need same colors to free those animals. If you have them use the wall. Aim carefully to hit it as aiming directly to the bubbles can’t always be reached specially if you have some bubbles on that path.Good luck and don’t give up, rememeber it is cursed level because of those Cursed bubbles 😉 .


AND NOOOO!!! Don’t even try to indicate any! 😛

Lea does not use boosters, so if you study Lea’s BubbleWitch Saga videos at our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches you most certainly have learned a lot of Tricks and tips For Boosters in Bubble Witch Saga 2!




7 Responses to “Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 189”

  1. Vickie

    Completely stuck on this level. These levels are my most hated because there’s no real strategy to them – you just have to do the level over and over and over and hope you get lucky. I just don’t understand why the developers think this is ‘fun’.

    • Vher

      Couldn’t agree with you more! BW2 started out as a strategy game which is good for the mind, but is now just luck! Takes the rum out of it.

  2. Simon

    They don’t think it’s fun. They only want you to buy those special bubbles. Welcome to the world of free-to-play bulls**t.

  3. Ellen

    HOW do users on you tube get the “aiming circle” in BWS2 to show? I have tried CTRL, ALT, SHIFT etc, but nothing works.

    • Admin

      the aiming circle is a feature of the screencasting program we use, not the games themselves.


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