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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 194, tips by Bubble Witch Saga 2 – ALL HELP Admins






In Bubble Witch 2 Saga Level 194, we have to defeat 3 Morgana with 30 moves.

First Morgana:

– remove bubbles on the right side, just under Morgana, so you have free path to defeat Morgana with right color of a bubble. Don’t waste too much bubbles here. If you don’t have good matches, quit and start over.

Second Morgana:

– a lot of white bubbles so simply aim to uncover the bubbles.

– aim on the left side, make a path and until you get the right color – make matches on the board.

– try to save bubbles/moves as you will need it for last Morgana

Third Morgana:

– this is hard one, but it can be done πŸ™‚

– remove bubbles that you have under Morgana.

– even if you can’t make some match, place same color of a bubble next to the wheel as it will rotate – that way second round you will have the match.

– the trick is or to remove bubbles so the wheel falls down and you have clear path to Morgana or to remove bubbles under Morgana on wheels under Morgana, so when wheel turns it will be one free path – just depends on luck will you have at that moment color that you need. We used first version and passed the levels πŸ™‚

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