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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 300, strategy by Bubble Witch Saga 2 – ALL HELP Admins


Bubble Witch 2 Saga level 300: Defeat 5 Morgana with 25 moves!

First Morgana: there are some cursed bubbles, avoid it – just remove bubbles til you get free path to defeat Morgana- try to defeat her in 1-3 moves tops.

Second Morgana: is on the right side on the board. If you don’t have any good match- take a look above you can see bubbles of third Morgana – feel free to remove those bubbles instead, it will help you once you clear second Morgana and maybe you will save your Hop Pot this way.

Third Morgana: tips remain the same as for first 2 Morgana, you really need on those 3 Morgana nice board as you don’t have too many bubbles/moves to play with. For example, after you defeat third Morgana it would be good if you have at least 12 bubbles left in your cauldron.

Last 2 Morgana have very similar board. Use the walls too to remove bubbles til you have free path to Morgana.

I really hate when glitch appears in the game, as you can see in this video, where had perfect shot with yellow bubble – and it just went in wrong way – luckily had one more yellow bubble left πŸ™‚

Good luck guys, little tricky level!

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  1. Janttura

    Wow, “remove bubbles until you have a clear path”, remarkable insight. The fact is that this game cheats the player regularly, and it’s impossible to clear the levels with the bubbles given to you. It’s either pay or pure luck.


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