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Bubble Witch Saga 2 Level 330, strategy by Bubble Witch Saga 2 – ALL HELP Admins





In BWS2 Level 330 task is to save 4 animals with 32 moves.

Only very hard part of this level is to save last animal.

First when you open the level, look at the board.You need to have several nice sets of same colors of bubbles. If you don’t have it, just press quit button and start over.

In level 330 you have 2 Line Blasts at the beginning, one is on the right and one is little higher on the left side on the board.

Focus on that left Line Blast – match bigger sets of bubbles, remove Bat bubbles a much as you can and with not too many wasted moves – when you reach that second Line Blast – hit it. All under it will fall down.

Only Bat bubbles that you didn’t remove will fly and attach to the board. Now you have third Line Blast and 2 Zen bubbles. use them as soon as you can. Don’t waste too much bubbles because you need to avoid ice that will be making around that last animal with every move you make.

No need to mention – you have to have above that last animal, bigger sets of same colors of a bubble. Now you get to a point where luck is needed that you get same color of bubbles in your cauldron as you have on your board.

We have 2 videos for you – left and right solution for getting that last animals, hope it will help you, good luck!

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