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Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 415 Video Walkthrough, hints, tricks and tips by the unofficial Gaming Network called the Blogging Witches


As far as we know, on the day new levels arrived Bubble Witch 2 Saga Level 415 can not be done without boosters. Even with grat gameplay you can only look at last two animals.

We of course send email to King, until they make an update here is video using 2 Fire boosters for last two animals. If you want you can also use here 10+ extra bubbles: answer received thank you King 🙂 first video is new update second before.

New update with few 3+ extra bubbles and levels is fun now 🙂

Video before update could only be done with boosters:

BWS2 level was really and sorry for language pain in the ass before the update 😉

With 20 moves, task is to save 6 animals, still is tricky level, but it can be done now as you can see above in first video.

Here you really need lucky board. Of course it would be great to use those 3 extra bubbles you have BUT don’t waste your moves if it’s not really clear shot cause what’s the point of using 5 -7 moves to get 3+ extra bubbles? So use it if you have nice match on the way, if not leave it, move on, let it drop with other bubbles as good board means you have nice sets of same bubbles above it 😉

– when you reach to last 3 animals there is a little problem. I can’t tell you which color will you have above last 2 animals, but carefully aim and think 2 steps forward.

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