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Bubble Witch Saga 2 levels 208, tricks and tips by Bubble Witch Saga 2 EXPERTS!





In Bubble Witch Saga 2 level 208, the task is to save 7 animals with 28 moves.

You need to get to that Line Blast on the right side, so remove bubbles that are on that path. If you have a good bubbles on the left side, try to get that first 3+ extra bubbles, cause the Line Blast will get you the second 3+ extra bubbles, But if you don’t have a good match just leave it and move on.

In the next section you need to get rid of the bubbles that are below the blue bubbles ( in the video) so clear the right side, use third 3+ extra bubble and aim on the wall. You can also help yourself by aiming on the left wall. In the video you can see we had a nice match of the green bubbles, so if you have something similar, go that way.

After you did all above, the next task is to get to the Line Blast on the left side of the board. The final section is little tricky as we can’t tell what colors will you get in your game, but you need to aim on both sides. Left side you need to reach those 2x 3+ extra bubbles and then use the left wall to aim above the white bubbles and to uncover them also. On the right side also get that 1 3+ extra bubble, remove the bubbles that are above it, so you can free that frog. Then if you have a good bubble on the top on the right side, try to get to the  Zen Bubble or go on the left side to free last animal.

AND NOOOO!!! Don’t even try to indicate any! 😛

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