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How to play Papa Levels above level 900 on PC (updated 2nd June 2018)

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Currently (early June 2018) Facebook and doesn’t offer level 901 and above and I had many questions about app  for windows and Mac that I and many others use, to play the Papa Pear Saga game on PC/laptop…

So here I try to explain how it is done:
It seems King is focusing on a mobile game more than on PC game…I guess the reason is “mobiles are future.” !!!
Install an app on your PC/laptop – it is an app that “acts like mobile device (Android)” on your computer. BlueStacks App Player lets you run mobile apps fast and fullscreen on Windows and Mac.
Once you download the Bluestacks app …log in with your email address to Google PLAY.
Find and install the app Papa Pear Saga.
Log in with your FB or King account ….everything you would usually do on your mobile – you now can do on your computer!!!
Bluestacks will offer you to buy or try some apps(games) – of course, you will not pay – simple choose option to try some games and you will be able to play ( after awhile, when I clean my laptop I delete those games 😉 ). Those games don’t harm your computer…I am using it for almost a year and my laptop is fine 😉
Good luck!
Regards, Blogging Witch Lea

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  1. michael jones

    Easier way or people who are worried about bluestacks.On the game when you get to 555 on laptop it says update browser by clickng..Normally it says browser upto date.Scroll down and click for mobile version.It goes to another tab and shows Portable Chrome/Firefox and few more.I clicked chrome it downloaded perfectly kept all my speed dial links and you play on your pc but with the portable version but you never notice the difference.


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