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News for Papa Pear Saga game by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

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 Hi Papa Maniacs!


We know, many of you, are wondering when will new levels 541 and up be open and is this the  end of Papa Pear Saga game.

I had a word with one of the managers at King and have some answers, not so nice, to be honest.

There will be more levels in Papa game, this is not the end. Remember I or admins of Papa Pear  Saga help group didn’t make the game, we don’t make decisions, we are just players like you –  so don’t be mad at us ok? 😉

There will be releases, but not on a regular basis. New levels will be spread out during the year with the next one possibly not being until in a few months time. We don’t know  actual date.
For all of you that finished all levels,you can  play lower levels to get better scores, try another King’s game and if you need help we have all games covered in groups made by the Blogging Witches. When new levels arrive, don’t worry we will share it all over the Facebook :).
I will share links for our other groups in the end of this post so welcome to join us. This website still has guides for Bubble Witch 2 Saga game and will continue to update Papa levels for all those players that didn’t get to level 540 🙂
Kind Regards, Blogging Witch Lea!
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5 Responses to “News about Papa Pear Saga game”

  1. Steenwyk

    Not good we the players r making u a lot lot lot of money don’t worry so much about new games just continue what u start or king games will end up loosing a LOT OF MONEY

  2. Lorrie Albin

    I think you have invented a wonderful game. I understand it is hard and difficult to keep adding more levels and I am willing to wait because I love Papa Pear. Keep up the good work!

  3. Joe Wilson

    I know this is not the fault of the people doing this report. BUt things have to be said to where the battle lines are created. Many of us, including me, spend money on these games. But now knowing the new levels will be so sparatic, are we to stop spending money and simply play the game without help until we pass the levels, WITHOUT spending? That means without the company making money. For all the logical answers that have been give, money is the bottom line. That is what it is all about. My thought is that if the original people plan to stay this slow, buy them out and make things work better. Give us reason to spend. You may not misss my little purchases, but each of us adds up to a huge chunk.

    That is the kind of message that needs to be passed on. Passing the buck simply costs them money.

  4. Sharon

    why on earth would we switch to new King games! They do not keep up with their games and do not deserve any players locality.

  5. Dell

    But using savings in the thousands, which may not change lives as you will at the very least get all the items you need using a balanced
    funds on top of that.


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