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Buy Papa Pear Saga Boosters with gold bars or make them as Power-Ups for free!

Papa Pear Saga Boosters costs gold bars, gold bars costs Facebook Credits, Facebook Credits costs real money.

Power-Ups are to be made within the game or you can say that a booster become a Power-Up when it is in the game. Read on to get tpo know how to make the different Power-Ups while you play.

Autumn 2013 the Facebook Credits however will become obsolete so that part will then be removed and you buy gold bars directly with cold cash. At the moment(30th July 2013) one gold bars’s value is fixed to 10 US cent, but we can assume that this will change and national differences will greatly influence the price in the future. My suggestion is that you join gaming groups and ask around about prices in the future, since it might be very lucrative to  fabricate your living location and choose another real life currency than the one you use in your country. Aka, we can assume that it will be more affordable to buy gold bars with Croatian Kuna’s than with British Pounds, since the living expenses are far higher in UK.

At the moment there is no legit ways to obtain free gold bars for Papa Pear Saga. All of the cheats have been proved to be scams. We can however assume that some smarty pants will find out a real way to cheat quite soon. A small warning about that: If you need to do a survey to “confirm you are human” and “like” a bunch of random stuff it is a scam. Always. I mean it. ALWAYS! The legit surveys are served from WITHIN the game to get Facebook Credits, never directly to get gold bars.

However you can make the special pins without buying them as boosters.

When you go into a level with a booster you can’t decide where it is located, so consider both twice and five times before you take a booster with you into the level.

Score Multiplier doubles or if you have more of them multiplies your score for papas after hitting the multiplier.

Make a Multiplier by removing all of one kind of pegs (aka remove all onions or remove
all red chillies etc.)

Price: 9 gold bars / 3 multipliers





Double Papa Pins makes a blue copy of your papa, if the copy gets jammed, it disappear, otherwise it will act precisely as any papa pear.

Make a Double Papa Pin by  Bouncing your Papa Pear of the edges of a bucket 5 times.



papagrandeunlockedSMALLPapa Grande makes you papa fat. A fat papa is clumsy and slow, but can generate other boosters because of easy touches if it doesn’t fall into a bucket right away, as it sadly so often does.

Make a Papa grande by hitting your Papa Pear into 50 objects.

Papa Grande can remove sleeping bombs.



papaFIREunlockedAMLLAPapa Fire Booster puts your Papa on Fire! The Papa Fire Booster is unlocked after you have completed Level 13.

The Fire Papa Is fast and goes through pegs better than the ordinary papa. It also kills Farting Melon Bombs.

Make a Fire Papa Peg by bouncing a papa from one wall to another or one wall then using edge of the buckets but for that you need to find the right spot.




Light Up Booster. When you get a papa to bounce off a Light Up peg a bucket immediately lights up!

Make a Light Up Booster by Hitting Papa Pears into a lighten up bucket 7 times.

The Light Up Booster is Unlocked after you have completed Level 15. (18 gold bars/ 3 uses)



Try to combine a Papa Grande and  a Fire Papa To get some kewl big Papa on Fire Bouncing!

Some of the boosters can be
made within the game in several different ways, all ways to make a special Pin are not mentioned here.



CACTUS/ BOMBS : if  you hit him one time it will fall asleep and then you can remove it with Papa Grande, or you can remove it with Fire papa awake or sleepy.




Before the update somewhere in March,2014. pink orchids helped you to use multipliers but not anymore so be careful when will you hit them.

It will remove/delete any Power-Ups that are around them.

They are helpful when you need to remove other obstacles

(acorns, carrots, onions etc)




If you have vacuum plants in your level your papa will go into the plant like a zombie. After it vacuums  up 5 papas it will release them and vanish. When you clear all vacuum plants that you have on your board you will also get multiplier.



Super Aim Booster

The super aim booster will help your aiming, but not indefinitely. You can watch the end of this video to get a grip of what it does and what it does not do.




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  1. Leggzorcist

    Anyone know how I earned 80 Gold? I Was At 27. Then a Week Ago I Noticed It Was At 107. I Double Checked My history And My Bank Account And I Can’t Find Anything Showing a purchase. Any Thoughts?

  2. papa pear saga hack

    You are so cool! I don’t believe I have read a single thing like this before.

    So wonderful to discover another person with
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  3. WES

    I just did level 380, it’s smth wrong with it. ive collected 64 potato dice, and it shows that was all potato on this level. so how come i need 65 to pass the level??


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