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New Challenge for June 3, 2019




Check out the rewards in the END of the Challenge DEMO.


Witches Version of Level 5 REWARDS SHOWN at 2:59 in the demo below. This Demo was played May 21, 2019

Check out our example solutions for ALL FIVE challenge levels for May 21st – 27th in this playlist: May Challenges ALL five levels


Witches Version Of Level 1 Till May 20, 2019  Rewards – 5 Fire Pins:




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***Task is to complete 5 levels WITHOUT losing a life and you need to save your papas. The number of papas (moves) you get in papa cauldron is the number of papas you need to get to last level, level 5! So SAVE your moves!

But…!!! When you are at Level 5 you will need to use ALL papas if you do not want the remaining ones to get wasted, you will not get score for remaining papas not used in challenge***

Sometimes these Papa Pear Saga Quests have old levels reused, as for example, 2019 first challenge had hard level 907 as a part of it(level 4. And even if Papa Pear level 907 was hard, the challenge itself ws as easy as cheating! In mid March the second level of the challenge was so annoying that Petra refused to play it. Here you can see John play it for rewards. (the free-booster-reward is show in the very end of the video)

Available for 3-4 days at any time! 😀

Video below shows all the levels solved and great bonuses in the END! 😀


Ends March 5, 2019

Ends Feb 17, 2019
Ends Feb. 6, 2019
this one ends 21st Jan 2019:





NEW PAPA PEAR SAGA Challenge ~ AVAILABLE 3rd – 6th(7th) November 2017

DEMO Papa Pear Saga ALL FIVE LEVELS GamePlay made with ANDROID ~ (bluestacks at win7)


An earlier challenge vid:


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Papa Pear Challenge levels 1 – 5 valid from 16th – 19th August/2017:

Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 1
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 2
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 3
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 4
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 5



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Papa Pear Challenge levels 1 – 5 valid from 21st – 25th July/2017:

Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 1 and 2
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 3
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 4
Papa Pear Saga Challenge Level 5