Papa Pear Saga Level 43, tips by Lea

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Task: Bring down the fruits and get + 45000 points with 13 papa pears.

Just reload the board if the fruit gets on a hard place. It will appear on some other place next time! 😀

Only 1 fruit at this level…

You already know that means that it isn’t any easy level and the King devs have taken away Papa’s to make the level even harder!
but help yourself with the 4 split papa pegs and be aware of the 2 bombs…

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Current version of Level 43 with 13 papas:





This was the first public version of Level 43



…and here you got the second:



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  1. Pat

    Actual level has four(!) fruits, but they are so easy to bring down that I still had TWELVE moves left 🙂


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