Papa Pear Saga Level 53, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

NEW UPDATE, video demo by Rich K:

Video below by Paula Thorne uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!


Task: Bring down the fruits,get + 21000 points
You have 14 papas to remove 2  fruits. The bombs are awake,but if you hit them they will go to sleep. First remove some acorns and onions to get higher score then remove the fruit



This lower video is historical, the second verion of level 53 as I can recall


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  1. Ncook

    The papa pear level 53 I have coming up is nothing like the one shown on this web site. Mine had long tentacles of fruit with buckets and requires me to also get 900,000 points as well. Impossible to do.

    • Admin

      Use the first 3 papa pears as simoultaneously as possible. This is ensiesitys done with TouchPad or AT mobile.with a traditional mouse we need to clicksomehow painfully hard to do 3 paras AT once.
      If you don’t get the 9000000 points withn the first then moves, just start over.


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