Papa Pear Saga Level 56, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task: Remove 60 acorns + 16000 points
You have only 10 papas and 3 split papa pegs in this level. The bombs aren’t helping you… So try to find a way through the maze and use the time when the Bombs are asleep so they can’t harm you…

A tip: Use left/right bouncing!

The top line of bamboo moves so makes it a little difficult.
You have a doublier in the middle top.
This is not an easy level as it is moving and you have to get the Papa’s to fall to the next layer.


Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga have the vid uploaded for you, please subscribe!

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  1. Diane Cookson

    Thank you for all your help it is appreciated. You may want to amend the details for level 56 to needing 60 acorns not 55.

  2. Sele

    Does the video, shown here uses some boosters.
    I haven’t got any and I am not spending any money either. Spent already too much on Candy Crush.
    Thanks 🙁


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