Papa Pear Saga Level 57, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


57Task: Bring down the fruits and 40000 points or more to pass

You have only 3 covers on the buckets, try to remove carrots and onions. You’ll need that for more points and then these four fruits will go into the buckets the farting melon bombs are sleeping and if you don’t hit them they will not wake up and can’t damage you.

They have updated this level several times,so in the links below you can see little history of level 55.The last video is the freshest 😉

Video link:

Video link:

Video link:


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11 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 057”

  1. Alex

    Hi, please could you make level 57 a bit easier. It is practically impossible to complete, which means I’m now bored of even attempting it or playing the game…

  2. Richard

    Thank you Admin for updating the video. I’m stuck on this level and have determined it’s all luck. I’ve gotten enough points 1 time but not all fruit and all fruit but not enough points once too. I’m really annoyed.
    Thank you for your videos and hints.

  3. Mikhail

    Level 57 has spoiled the game for me. Not enough balls to start and 9 times out of 10 you can tell just by looking at the frame that its not possible, even if you have luck on your side. I’m reluctantly considering uninstalling. Grrrrr

    • Admin

      Hold on, we had a massive campaign and got more than 100 “likes” at the official website for a single comment where I ask King to change the level, so it just might get changed in the next update! 😀


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