Papa Pear Saga Level 74, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

74Starting shots: 15.
Points needed: 30,000
Drop 2 fruits.

The peapods are spitting out peas as soon as you touch them. The berries which take 3 shots.and the stubborn fruits on the bamboo.
One tip I did pickup and I am sharing is use the top of the middle bamboo and also time shooting between the moving straight ones.
Also shooting off the left or right wall into the carrots helps.


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  1. Amanda Sivey

    Level 74 is impossible! The game is not enjoyable anymore… I hate being stuck for weeks! I spend a lot of money on boosters, and they all go to waste as it never helps me. I am lucky if I even get one fruit in … the developers made this level out of spite! Please help!


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