Papa Pear Saga Level 76, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

76Task: Papa’s 20
Needed 160,000 points.
Not a hard one just have to try and use the walls ect for bounces to make up your points.
All the berries need 2 hits to get rid of them,Acorns just one.

8 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 076”

  1. janalle

    I cant get into level 76 I dnt have facebook and it ask me to log onto facebook please help

    • Harrell

      How to get more gold bars to move forward without paying or getting on Facebook

  2. dorothy

    I cant get into leave 76.I dont have facebook and iys ssk me to log in to facebook help please what do I do

  3. D

    Can’t move to level 76, says I need help from another player, like an endorsement, I have 1 person not 3. This is stupid to have to get help, I won the last game and should be able to just move on. And they don’t explain the rules at ALL with this game. How do I move past this crap!

  4. claire

    I cant get into level 76.. it ask me to log on to facebook. But dnt have an acct. Please help

  5. Alf igel

    “All the berries need 2 hits to get rid of them,Acorns just one.”
    So what?
    The onions on the right need even three hits…
    But everyone knows that.

    What you SHOULD have said – but didn’t – MAKE FIRE PAPAS by shooting at the left and right wall, remove the red chilies early for a multiplier, then use the fire papas.


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