Papa Pear Saga Level 77, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

77Starting Papa’s 15,
Score Needed 750,000

In the center are 3 multipliers and the peas and berries will help you to score good.

This is an easy a really fun level, since you can score REALLY high, especially if you manage to get several big fat Papa’s (the green pegs) in the very beginning of Level 77.

Start out by trying to use the carrots to bounce off. Use the curves on the top carrots to hit off, also if you shoot straight in the middle you Papa should bounce back very good straight up.
Use the berries for scores as they give out high scores, if you first remove the berries on each side that are closest to the peas, you will get a path to shoot papas in and they will bounce off the peas getting you lot’s of peas!

If you get a Fire Papa, the chances to score good will die, since that usually hits a pea shell and kill it!

    New video with 3 multipliers:

      2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 077”

      1. Karen

        This help is no longer relevant. There are no longer 5 multipliers in the center, only 3. I have been stuck on this level for 2 weeks now, which is the longest I have ever been stuck. The highest I have been able to obtain is a score of 680,00 by eliminating all of the scoring items (except the peas, of course), and getting a multiplier of 6X. I just can’t get enough peas to make it to 750K. Any suggestions???

      2. Rosemary

        You are right Karen. Impossible, especially when the sun Papa burns up the peas. No way to get the 750K. Would really like a suggestion as it is not an easy level.


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