Papa Pear Saga Level 78, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

78Starting Papa’s 20.
Task: Light up all buckets!

DIfferent buckets will have lids on them each time you load the game.

You have 3 spinner portals, if you shoot down the sides of the top 2 spinners you can get to the corner buckets without taking chances with the spinners, as long as you still have the onions above the side buckets there are also great chances to gain a split papa peg from bouncing the papa into the corner bucket, so especially if the corner bucket have lids on it you should start out with corners.

To get to the bucket in the middle, you can use the lower moving horizontal bamboos to bounce off(after you have cleared out any pegs aboive them of course.)

Make use of the acorns as well, as you need a rather high score for just 1 star!


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