Papa Pear Saga Level 79, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

79Starting papa’s 15
Task: Drop 3 fruits.
Not an easy Level, this level 79 :(.

Shoot off the walls so your papa hopefully will go through the bamboo (via carrots) and knock the side fruits down.

Keep your pointer near the Papa cannon when you aim for the upper carrots and holes to get down the middle fruit.

What is hard is that the berries at the bottom need hitting 2 times before they go away, so they tend to hold the fruit there!!!

Watch the videos attached to get a few hints and tips on Aiming spots!

Good luck!



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  1. Alf igel

    You have to gently drop the papas on the carrots, and then into the openings, so they can fall next to the fruits, removing move carrots and other items.

    Shooting of the wall is probably the dumbest thing you can do. The papas will have so much speed, and reflect so hard, that they eventually just go down on the sides, hitting nothing.


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