Papa Pear Saga Level 83, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Members


Starting Papa’s 18′
Needed 260,000 points

Use everything to bounce off and make points in this level.

You have 2 multiplayers, try to get with the first papa the two of those two multiplyers.

Try to make a fire papa early in the game, to burn the cactus papa.


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Booster tip, if you you get really really stuck:


3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 083”

  1. Alf igel

    That’s a joke, isn’t it?
    “You have 2 multiplayers, try to get with the first papa the two of those two multiplyers.”
    But it is a bad one…

  2. Pat

    Having 252,030 points, 1 papa left, and x8 multiplier, the only thing left to hit was the multiplier. I didn’t, so I could get 8,000 points for the left-over multiplier – and passed with the lowest possible count!


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