Papa Pear Saga Level 85, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

85Papa’s 20′
Task Needed to clear Level 85: Light up buckets (note, some of the buckets have lids that you need to bounce odd before you can light them up)

This is a fun level!

You have moving lines of berries. Use these to bounce off and try to get a few shots to the spinning portal in the middle as these will come out at the top on the sides and wipe out the red berries.


Hopefully you will get a lot of big papas in this game to help build the score.


There are sweet spots for the aiming for all of the buckets except the middle one. You will notice where the sweet spots are by playing the level over and over again or by using the aiming help at the right hand side of the papa cannon.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    You bounce “off”, not “odd”. It would be odd to bounce odd.

    Don’t play the level when the center bucket has a lid on it. You will never ever hit it enough times to open.


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