Papa Pear Saga Level 90, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

9020 Papa’s to start with.
Points Needed 200,000.
Level 90 is Another stinker level, dreadfully hard to pass!

You have to get into the spinner in the centre to get the red berries on the sides behind the bamboo.Not as easy as it sounds,as the peas get in your way to try and get there. Use the Bamboo on the sides to aim at to try and get Papa’s into the centre.


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    • Diana

      HELP !! I have beaten this level as far as I can tell 7 times, but I keep getting this message – “SO CLOSE You only need -247123 more points” I have 3 stars and a total of 477015 points.

  1. Lorraine spaar

    I also have beat level 90. But they will not let me move on, love this game!!!! HELP

  2. Arturo Salazar

    I just finished level 90 and cannot go on into the next episode…I need your HELP

  3. Alf igel

    The biggest problem is the more than arbitrary way the papas get reflected from the bamboos on the sides. No pointing is possible, what a stupid level πŸ™


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