Papa Pear Saga Level 101, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help

101Starting Papa’s 20.
Needed 400 Pea’s.

Bounce your papa’s into the walls to slide into the peas to make the amount of peas you need.

Fun level!!!

You must have patience, but Split papa peg booster can be very helpful here if you haven’t patience. 😉

Good Luck!


Historics for Level 101: First you had to remove 350 peas, as in the video below, then King devs (Papa Pear Saga is developed in Spain) changed it to 450. Then they probably tried to play it for 450 and lowered the level to the current 400 peas.


18 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 101”

  1. Lynn

    this clearly shows 350 peas are needed. On facebook its required to have 400 peas, why? Seems impossible unless you buy boosters, is this true?

  2. njane

    I’ve watched the pea count as my papa hits them & its not counting every pea thats hit & vanished. I cannot find how many little peas out of the pod equal 1 pea for the total?? Any help?

  3. Andrea

    I’m not sure if there’s a glitch in the game, but it’s impossible for me to get 400 peas. This level is only counting about one out of every ten peas I’m collecting. Am I supposed to get a booster or something? I’ve tried just about everything and I can watch the peas get counted (and I’ve had some banner rounds) but the best I’ve ever gotten was 250 peas especially when I pass 200 peas. They’re just not being added in to the count. Has anyone experienced this lately?

    • Natalie

      Yes the same is happening to me 233 then peas are being counted right. Enough to drive someone nuts. I enjoyed playing the game but i guess thats all over now.

  4. Kelly

    When it gets to 224 peas, it takes over 10 peas for each pea it increases on screen! Then it never goes higher than 245!!! Help

  5. Sharon

    The counter does not record all peas hit after 214 ish. No matter how many are struck the counter only registers a small proportion- really really annoying! 🙁

  6. Anja

    Hi. My game stops counting the peas at about 220. At that amount it suddenly takes many peas to make the counter go up and I never reach higher than 245 peas. Why is that and what can I do to get through the level?

  7. Kristen

    Level 101 is ridiculously hard! It doesn’t count all my peas, I’ve gotten to 317 but that was difficult and I swear I cleared more than counted. Not fair King!!

  8. Donna

    yess i am so fed up, I give up, no matter with different strategies i cant get 400 dam peas.

  9. Lois

    Why aren’t we getting replies from the administrators of this game as to why the peas aren’t counting. I love the game but it’s frustrating when you know you’re playing well and your score is not registering properly. EXPLANATION PLEASE!!!


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