Papa Pear Saga Level 101, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help

101Starting Papa’s 20.
Needed 400 Pea’s.

Bounce your papa’s into the walls to slide into the peas to make the amount of peas you need.

Fun level!!!

You must have patience, but Split papa peg booster can be very helpful here if you haven’t patience. ;-)

Good Luck!

Historics for Level 101: First you had to remove 350 peas, as in the video below, then King devs (Papa Pear Saga is developed in Spain) changed it to 450. Then they probably tried to play it for 450 and lowered the level to the current 400 peas.

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    1. Lynn

      this clearly shows 350 peas are needed. On facebook its required to have 400 peas, why? Seems impossible unless you buy boosters, is this true?


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