Papa Pear Saga Level 106, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task:Remove 72 acorns and get 50,000 points.


106Starting Pears :15

Well this is where the new things come into play-the bubbles.You can burst them in 3 ways:

1.point your arrow from the papa bucket very straight to the bubble!

2.You can also burst a bubble by hitting the wall first.

3.Gentle touch from your papa point to the bubble.

We have a demo video for you where you can see how to burst a bubble.Video link:

Nothing to special about them except they make the Pears bounce off them.
You can make multipliers on this game by shooting every item of one sort.
The moving blueberries are a bit of a pain but remember they also make points.It’s about timing shooting between them.

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Video level 106  2 stars:


Demo video How to burst a bubble:


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